Perceptive Business Planning

Unique Business Planning Solutions

Most executives have limited data sets for decision making. It is difficult to reduce uncertainty, validate assumptions, and even ask the right questions. I offer another perspective and provide unique and insightful information. By using time-tested, psychic, intuitive and greater-awareness techniques, I can examine your business situation and provide insight to help your business gain health, vitality and profits.

My methods will help you enjoy:

  • Better information gathering, analysis, planning, decision-making and execution
  • Reduced obstacles to success
  • Improved risk analysis and avoidance
  • More efficient use of resources
  • Increased peace of mind and confidence
  • Improved clarity
  • Competitive advantage

Globalization, information technologies, logistics, politics and economics introduce many new variables into our economic ecosystem that it’s hard to navigate your course. Risk is greater. Data is overwhelming. Velocity is increasing. Time, resources, information and clarity become more valuable.

By looking at your organization with greater awareness, I offer tools not available elsewhere. I offer a variety of services from long-range planning to crisis management. My unique ability is that I can operate in both the business and the unseen world. Therefore I can discuss both profit and loss and the unseen influences that determine scenarios and outcomes. The results are powerful.

Be well.
Barry Bornstein

Barry Bornstein